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Astonishing Wiredtree Hybrid Rebate

Posted on May 26 2013

The previous week, I moved to WiredTree Hosting. I won't be taken aback if people were not conscious of the change as it was much smoother than the uptime at A2 Hosting, the host we utilized prior to this. Not knowing what or how the switch of our website to the different web server was going to turn out, I was fearful of it and deferred the move for months.

But the shift turned out not to be a big deal, ultimately because of wonderful help from WiredTree.

A2 Hosting had been my server for more than a year. For the duration of that period, we found the standard of their assistance unacceptable with very inadequate downtime and customer support. What made us continue with them despite this was that they were inexpensive and also because of our uneasiness about the shift. A2 Hosting's unlimited (details afterwards) packages are dirt cheap. Monthly we needed only to pay less than $10.

Even though I consider myself quite comfortable with anything related to computers, switching from one web server to a new one made me nervous. We were also shifting from shared hosting to a virtual private server which caused it to be more daunting for me. Since I know nothing about server procedures, it looked like a dicey and time-consuming task. I've got a full-time law firm to manage, and no time to deal with with hosting operations.

On rate and fear, we would have kept with A2 Hosting, downtime and all. Just lately, however, we were notified that we were implementing too many information on their allegedly limitless package. I still can't fathom what A2 Hosting meant when they claimed we were employing too many resourceswhen their plan was an unrestricted one. Well, the last straw was when A2 told us we had a week to move.

On somebody's recommendation, I looked into and decided to go with WiredTree.

This is just my own point of view as its founded on my own experience with WiredTree and cannot be regarded as a typical public opinion because there may be people who think otherwise.

Now you comprehend why WiredTree is numbered amongst U.S.'s fastest growing companies. I would highly recommend WiredTree to those who require a VPS or a dedicated server. My 2 years of experience with WiredTree demonstrates that you cannot go wrong with them.

It is quite a lot more costly-about $50 a month-but it is easy to understand why. I was convinced by WiredTrees impressive safety measures and help that we'd taken the right step. Within merely a few minutes, I received a response for for my support tickets at WiredTree, whereas A2 Hosting required hours to do so. WiredTree even got in touch with me on my mobile to validate that I'd placed an order. (Actual people were in fact phoning me and conversing with me!)

With the competent assistance of one of WiredTree's service personnel, the move was really smooth and practically straightforward starting from saving our past host before moving it and our website address to the new host. In the end, the complete procedure was accomplished inside of the hour. The reliability of WiredTree's staff is such that even someone who is not computer-savvy will readily comprehend what needs to be executed under their thorough guidance. I won't be surprised that no one discovered that we'd moved taking into account how quickly it progressed. WiredTree has confirmed to us beyond doubt that it deserves every cent we pay it to be our host.
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